A focus tool for personal or work use.
Up for "busy" and down for "available"

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For Business

Massively increase productivity.
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Supercharge Your Employees

Stay Focused

Use FocusFlag to let others know when you're busy.
Keep out distractions to get more done.

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There when you need it

FocusFlag's slim profile sticks to the back of your computer.
It's always within reach when productivity calls.

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Be More Productive

FocusFlag keeps you in the zone so you can power through your to-do list

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Flip the switch. Get it done.

FocusFlag is a stick-on flip-up device that helps you focus whenever you're:

• On an important call and don't want your family to interrupt you
• In the zone and want to keep your coworkers at bay until you've finished that task
• Cramming for an exam tomorrow morning

Or the thousands of other times when you just need to go uninterrupted.

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Reimagine Workplace Culture

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Simple to use

always within reach

0.25" thin

1 ounce light

FocusFlag A Powerful Focus and Productivity Tool


by some of the most influential organizations in the world

flip the switch get it done

Get Focused

Choose a Design

Choose the best design for you or your team

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See how it works For Zoom Calls

See how it works For Open Offices

See how it works for studying

See how it works For meeting deadlines

There when
you need it.

Invisible when you don't.

Goes wherever you go

Slim enough to fit into any laptop sleeve.
Attached using the same adhesive as a standard computer sticker, FocusFlag can be removed just as easily.

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Focus Flag

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