Do I need this? Putting on headphones seems to work fine.

Combining headphones with a FocusFlag opens up a new set of possibilities! Check out our blog post to learn more.


I just got my FocusFlag, but it won't open!

FocusFlags have a sticker on the back, which keeps the flag in place. Often when a new FocusFlag is held, people tend to hold them in a way which squeezes against the flag, keeping it from opening! A FocusFlag needs to be attached to a solid, flat surface before it will open and close easily.


I can't figure out how to attach my FocusFlag - there's nowhere to grip!

FocusFlags are designed to be sleek enough to slide into any laptop sleeve. This means that it can be tough to get a good grip when attaching it. We recommend opening and holding the flag itself when attaching it.


Will FocusFlag damage my computer when I remove it?

FocusFlags use the same type of adhesive as a high-quality laptop sticker. If you have some leftover stickiness after removal, we recommend using a little Goo Gone with a paper towel. Peel your FocusFlag off gently and slowly to remove it.


I want to place a large order, can I speak directly to someone about this?

Yes! Contact us at sales@focusflag.com.


I don't know about this, won't a FocusFlag kill conversation?

Just like an office door can be closed all day, some users may be tempted to keep their flag up all the time. We designed FocusFlag to be a tool to clarify availability. We recommend having a conversation about FocusFlag usage with the people in your space. We've enclosed a handy booklet to help you navigate this. When used right, FocusFlags are a wonderful tool.