About Us

Helping people reach their potential.

FocusFlag is simple, but what it does is powerful. Yes, it helps avoid distractions, but that’s just on the surface. What it really does is give greater control over life. Controlling your own attention is tantamount to increased control over your own mind. We at FocusFlag know the value of self-discipline, and the life-altering impact of implementing hundreds of little habits, lifestyle changes, and environmental tweaks into our daily routines.

“Environment is the invisible hand that shapes human behavior.” 

- James Clear, Atomic Habits

FocusFlag is a way to control your environment, unlocking more of your potential, letting you go further, faster in life. If you want to get more done in a day, FocusFlag can help you maximize your productivity. If you want more free time, FocusFlag will help you get your work done more quickly.

On the micro scale, we think about the individual user in pursuit of their own personal goals, whatever they are. On the macro scale, if we can bring FocusFlag to the entire world, we think about the millions (or potentially billions) of hours we might be able to save if FocusFlags were on every laptop. Think about the impact we might have on the completion of global projects, infrastructure, scientific research, education, GDP. Think about the sum of all trace-amounts of focus we can add to society. Picture the slight bump we might contribute to solving humanity’s problems. These visions are what drive us. This is why we brought FocusFlag into the world.

We hope you’ll join us.



Adam Yormark

Founder, FocusFlag